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Our story

In january 2018 we started planning our trip to South America. We both love travelling and decided to do it for a longer time now. As a teacher Ruth took a sabbatical year and I, Reindert, took a nine month break in my IT job. 

We don’t really like planning ahead so we just started with a one way ticket to Belém, Brasil on the 2nd of september 2018. 

Like most backpackers we traveled by bus/train/plane the first 2,5 months. In that period we traveled south to Mendoza, Argentina, where I turned 30. Ruth was going to be 28 in the next month so we thought… Let’s spoil ourselves! 

That’s when we started contacting rental van companies to do a one month trip in Patagonia. After some back and forward communication, we came to the conclusion that the cost of renting a car for a month is almost half as much as buying a car.

After spending some hours / days of research I finally bumped in to our perfect car… Rita! Although, we were going into an unknown terrain (like buying a foreignplated car in a foreign country, changing the title of the car in my name, not having knowledge about crossing borders with a car in South America), a good Skype conversation with the previous owners made us really confident to change our way of traveling for the rest of our trip.

On the 16th of november Triple R (Rita-Ruth-Reindert) was born!

Ruth & Reindert

Belgian overlanders