Buy Rita!
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(€ 6.035)

Why should you buy Rita?
Well… Firstly: it’s a Toyota! The brand is known for it’s sturdy and (almost) unbreakable cars (google it!).
Secondly: because it’s a Toyota, it’s really easy to find spare parts (if you will ever need them) in South America! There are also many mechanics who have a lot of experience with Toyota because it’s such a famous brand in South America. Try to start counting the Toyota’s you see from now on ;), especially outside the city’s.
Thirdly: It’s a Toyota! Or did I already mention that? 🙂

Based on the condition of the car and all the equipment included, our asking price is: 6,900 USD (6.035 EUR)… Negotiable.
We, and our previous owners, invested a lot in the car to keep it in the optimal condition (see: Car history). We also bought a lot of new equipment (see: Car equipment) which is all included in the price!

In case if you’re wondering about how to change the vehicle title to your name, don’t worry, we can help you with that! We’ve been trough it as well ;).

If you have more questions about the car or about changing the car title to your name, don’t hesitate to contact me:

Rita The 4Runner

1998 Toyota 4Runner
4 x 4
4cyl 2.7L Manual Transmission
361,014 Kilometers / 224324 Miles
New Exhaust Manifold
9 month old Goodwin Tires
9 month old brake pads and disks
Consistent oil changes (every 5000 km)